Friday, March 25, 2011

A. Cruickshank Design

Hello Readers,

As of yet I have linked my professional artists website: to this blog. I am transforming this blog into less of a personal space for things and more of a place for what I create. This will still include my poetry but also new projects I am working on. I will also include photos.

I would also like to take this time to announce the opening reception to my senior show in the Flora Kirsch Beck Gallery on Alma College's campus. It it's April 9th (my birthday) 2-4pm. You should come there will be refreshments, yummy refreshments.

April 7th is also Honors Day on Alma's campus, there aren't any classes. The day is filled presentations by students. I present twice on that day. Once for senior show, where I will give a talk about my work. The second time being for Pine River Anthology which is a publication by the college that me and the other student graphic designers work on in conjunction with the english department. This year our theme is Pinion, which means feather, gear, and wing.

I'll keep you posted as the date comes closer to graduation.