Monday, April 25, 2011

Cruickshanks of the Past

You are never going to believe what I've found. Birth records, death records, marriage records, immigrant records, of my great-great grandfather Edward F. Cruickshank. His son, Edward W. Cruickshank, his son Albert Cruickshank, who is my grandfather.

I found that he was born in Toronto, Canada. He lived in Midland, MI and was buried in Beaverton, MI with a lot of my other relatives. The trail ends here for now because the obituary I've found doesn't say who his parents were. I have many leads that he may have come from Nova Scotia and that his ancestors are buried in St. Andrew's United Church Cemetery in Elderbank (Formerly Little River). From there I've found on that there are 1,500 other Cruickshanks (with various spellings, ex: Crwikschank) this is a website calling all Cruickshanks!

On there is an article I found that there were many Cruickshanks in Nova Scotia... as said the listings at the cemetery there in Elderbank. It makes sense because Nova Scotia stands for New Scotland. I can access the passenger lists from Scotland to Nova Scotia but until I can find someone I'm related to I'll just bookmark that tool. (On a side note I did find there is Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. This makes me feel like being an artist was something more then what I was called to do but something I was meant to do. Imagine that they have a MFA program for what I would like to do. There's a thought!)

On a slightly different topic, Cruickshank belongs to the Clan of Steward. This clan has 7 kings of scotland making it the House of Steward, this is the longest house in rule over Scotland until the birth of Mary Queen of Scots. (And I'm geeked because I know who that is cause I own the Elizabethan movies with

Cate Blanchett). I keep trudging forward, there are still so many things I have yet to explore before I leave this Friday to go over there. Yay, royalty and clansmen!

More to come and keeping you posted,

A. Cruickshank