Thursday, May 5, 2011

So many things

So as many of you know that I am over in Scotland currently. My stay has been quite enjoyable. As of yet we have stayed in the following places: Berwick, Stonehaven, and now Dunkeld (though just for the evening). The wireless signal has been weak in most parts of this country (which is why I haven't blogged near as much as I would have or rather should have.

We've studied many things including themes of place, belonging, and a enriched resonance of spirit. The sights are inspiring and breath-taking. There are so many things to see and pictures do not capture this place. I feel like taking pictures is almost an insult to the landscape: trying to capture this epic place with my lens. The colors don't speak as well, you can't smell the salty air of the North Sea in the Mearns. Or the electric life of Berwick which has a large town feel with a small town mentality.

Puzzles of Scotland's past speak loudly around every corner, every bend has something to offer you. You touch the ground and you hear the voices of so many peoples come and gone. Standing Stones, Castle ruins, hidden ebbs and flows of the land. Think too quickly and you may just miss a cathedral that Lewis Grassic Gibbon is buried at (along with many a Cruickshank). I wish I could bottle this and give it to my mother: the ultimate mother's day gift of a lifetime.