Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Brand-o-Rama: Exciting Opportunities

First off I have to say that when good things happen, they happen all at once!

Not one, not two, but three design projects all in the same two weeks.  I'm excited to get started, they are all in different stages of production with fast approaching deadlines.  Not to mention three different kinds of companies.

The first being a special events & public relations consultant group called Palette.  As a result of even shorter deadlines, this has already been sent to print, as in business cards and other digital uses.  The colors chosen are light, feathery, and have an airy quality.  For this I used many colors in a swatch collection called 'beach.'  I assume it refers to sea foam, water colors, and the warm soft peachy colors of shells.  For the font I didn't want the style to be distracting so I went with more plain and clean to go with the airy effects of the colors.

The second being a cupcake company called Lucky Duck Cupcakes.  I'm working with a young lady and her mom on developing a brand for her newly designed company making cupcakes.  The logo here is a fun-loving, eclectic, and animated.  The color palette chosen is a cool and saturated blues, purples, red purple, and titanium white.  I want this logo to speak about this young lady and her cupcake driven ambition.  The medium this will be printed on will be stickers, possibly digital use (blog/facebook/twitter/pintrest), and basic business card stock.

The third being an electronic music DJ known as YEGA.  This project I hope to experiment more with different printing surfaces and a symbolic quality to the logo, with that said, more on this particular project at a later date.

Lastly and not least, I've picked today as the day to announce the creation of a new children's book.  The title and details will be released next week but I am quiet enthusiastic about getting back to writing and illustrating books again.  I'm hoping to have it to print by next week (short deadline I know but you'll know why later).

I'd like to take this opportunity to ask my readers to help me expand my reading audience.  It's quiet small, my follower's group and I'd like you help to expand that.  So, if you could kindly re-post the link and spread the word I would greatly appreciate it!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Pin Project

Since being in a term of service with AmeriCorps I've been looking for something else to take up the time of my day.  I'm used to doing so much all day long that I've found that I most evening free.  I've found this a perfect opportunity to network and get myself out into a artistic side of Lansing/East Lansing.

Last week I designed and painted themed bowling pins to be given away as prizes.  I've called it the Pin Project.  The theme for the bowling event was 80s.  Six pins were donated.  These fun prizes were a great addition and added excitement for the teams participating.  Pictures to follow!

Back at the Ranch:
I've been looking to do design projects on the side to improve my portfolio.  So far I have one client who's having me design his business cards for his DJ business.  On the account of the kind of music he produces I'm looking to do some wild ideas and experiment with textures/printing on those surface.

This link has examples of the box I'm trying to break out of.

As for music I've been on a steady IV drip of groovy blues, mellow electronic, and this amazing artist called Gotye.  Just working on loosing up my hands to start drawing, sketching, and feeling what it's like to create again.  Getting my ears listening to tunes should help the juices flow.  Hopefully it'll get me in the mood to start creating a cartoon a week.

Coming Soon: cartoons!